Flooding, plumbing complications and overflows all have one thing in common. These events lead to water damage. If you live or work in the San Francisco Bay Area, All Star Mold Testing & Water Damage Inc. specializes in investigation, cleanup and water restoration to help your family or business return to a normal routine and avoid intense property damage.

Water damage occurs when you least expect it. That's why our professionals serve residential and commercial customers in the Bay Area with emergency services. Our experts are certified by the IICRC to handle jobs of all sizes. Whether you have standing water in the basement or started to perform a cleanup project yourself, turn to our team for timely solutions you can trust.

Commercial and Residential Water Damage Restoration

Water exposure creates favorable conditions for mold and mildew. Surfaces such as walls, ceilings and floors can absorb moisture even if they appear dry to the touch. Our restoration efforts are the key to bouncing back after water is removed from the property. We'll stop the growth of toxic molds by eliminating the source, mitigating the mold and then testing to verify the remediation was successful.

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

Our team arrives promptly and draws up an appropriate course of action. We make sure that conditions are safe for crews to enter prior to the cleanup stage. Our experts will conduct a thorough inspection of the property to take note of water type, the level of damage and the source of the problem. Testing for bacteria and turning off your main water supply will also give us insight into how to proceed.

Bay Area Moisture and Water Cleanup Services

At All Star Mold Testing & Water Damage, we understand that some floods can be catastrophic, especially if you were away when the problem began. Fortunately, our team is able to remove thousands of gallons of water from your residence or business using extraction pumps. Depending on the severity of the flood, crews arrive at your property with trucks equipped with vacuum units to speed up the emergency  water removal process.

As your go-to water damage cleanup company, we utilize equipment such as moisture meters and specialized cameras to find water trapped within baseboards, cabinets, carpeting and more.

Drying and Sanitizing Your Home or Business

Porous surfaces like wood, drywall and subfloors hold water. If left alone, these areas become breeding grounds for black mold. All Star Mold Testing & Water Damage brings in dehumidifiers and large fans to promote drying and ventilation while mitigating water damage.

We consider factors such as temperature, the size of the room and the level of humidity to influence the position of our equipment. Crews will help you decide what furniture and items may be restored as we clean areas with EPA registered disinfectants.

Residential Water Leak Investigations

To prevent future flooding and water damage, our certified technicians take a look at ways to restore your home post-cleanup. As a water damage restoration company, we rapidly dry the structure and educate you on ways to prevent moisture in the first place. We also set you up for success with options for routine service appointments to catch issues like plumbing leaks before they develop into large-scale problems.

Contact Us Today for Water Damage Restoration Services

We offer flexible scheduling so you can make an appointment outside of our normal business hours. Weekend and evening appointments are available at no extra cost for your convenience.

If you live in Alameda, Calaveras, Nevada, San Francisco, Solano counties or elsewhere in the Bay Area, contact us today to learn more and request an estimate. Experiencing a flooding emergency? Call us at 1-800-813-7704 for assistance with storm and flood damage restoration.