Many testing companies use inspectors that do not have any experience in water damage assessment or remediation. Their inspectors might have some form of certification(s) but those can easily be obtained by attending on-line classes and do not require the student to have any actual experience!

Q: Why is this important?
A:Because mold is secondary to moisture, meaning, you must have a moisture problem in order to have a mold problem so why wouldn't you require an inspector that is experienced in water damage investigation, remediation and drying?

Why you should use All Star Mold Testing


  • The owner has 18+ years of experience in water damage investigation and remediation and all  inspectors have many years of water damage investigation and remediation on top of years of mold inspection and remediation.
  • Licensed general contractor in CA ....CSLB #1069066
  • 1000's of water losses successfully mitigated
  • 100's of mold remediation losses successfully remediated.
  • Many companies are from out of state or from Southern CA ....We are a LOCAL company, born and raised in the Bay Area!


Scott & Teresa Lane, Owners