You can find mold almost anywhere, as it's a natural part of the environment. But when it mixes with moisture inside your home or business, you can experience major problems.

At All Star Mold Testing & Water Damage, we offer exceptional mold testing, inspection, remediation and water damage restoration services to get your home or business back to normal in no time.

Mold Inspection in Solano County

We do an in-depth visual inspection of your building to assess which areas are particularly susceptible to mold growth. Our inspectors know exactly where to look for mold and how to correctly identify different types. To get the most specific information possible, we then collect samples and send them to scientific labs for testing.

Air Quality Testing

One form of testing we do involves taking air samples throughout your building and examining them to determine the number of mold spores in the air.

Surface Testing

We also take samples from different surfaces in your building using swabs. Then we bring the swabs to a lab where they are tested to determine what types of molds you have in your structure as well as the concentration of mold on these surfaces. We use this information to target our treatment accordingly.

Mold and Water Removal Services in Solano County

All Star Mold Testing & Water Damage is your one-stop shop for all mold and water services. After we perform inspection and testing services, we provide you with a comprehensive report on the results, which includes our suggestions for removal.

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is the process of removing enough mold from your building to get your levels back on track. We do follow-up testing to prove that the treatment worked, so you can rest assured that we took care of your mold problem.

Water Damage Restoration

If water damage affects your Solano County property, you need a water damage restoration team to quickly fix the issue. At All Star Mold Testing & Water Damage, we have the tools and experience to restore your home or business.

We know that water damage can often happen in unexposed places, such as behind walls, under floors and in ceilings. Our specialized moisture meters can find any hidden water sources and detect how far the water has spread. Once we have this information, we can effectively dry out the areas.

Contact All Star Mold Testing for Mold Cleaning Services in Solano County

There are many benefits to choosing our services, including:

  • Local business: All Star Mold Testing & Water Damage has been providing mold inspection, testing, remediation and water damage services to residents and business owners in Solano County for over 19 years.
  • Certifications: We are certified by numerous essential agencies, including the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Professional Mold Inspection Institute (PMII).
  • Flexible scheduling: To accommodate our customers, we offer evening and weekend appointments free of charge. 
  • Emergency services: If your home or business is within an hour of our Walnut Creek location, we can provide emergency mold and water services.

Contact All Star Mold Testing & Water Damage today for mold removal services in Solano County and beyond.