For home and business owners in Contra Costa, CA, mold growth can cause serious problems, such as structural damage to the building and even health issues. That's why you need a professional to identify and treat mold damage.

At All Star Mold Testing, we are the local mold inspection company you can trust to remove mold in your residence or commercial property in Contra Costa. We have the expertise you need to fix your mold problems fast.

Mold Inspection and Testing in Contra Costa

Our mold inspection services involve a detailed visual & moisture inspection. We then interview the owner or tenant to gather essential information that helps us determine which tests to perform. During testing, we will identify the type of mold you're dealing with and where it is located.

Air Quality Testing in Contra Costa

Mold can still be present even when not visible to the naked eye. You may smell mold or even experience health effects from it such as respiratory issues. If we can't see the mold, we'll take air samples from inside your structure. Then, we send the samples to an independent laboratory where they place them under a microscope to see the species and quantity of mold spores.

Surface Testing

Another testing method is surface testing, where we take swab or tape lift samples of specific areas. After gathering the samples, we send them to an independent laboratory to identify the species of mold captured from that specific area.

Mold Remediation Services in Contra Costa

During mold remediation, we will remove high levels of mold in your home or building. Small levels of mold are unavoidable and typically non-threatening, so we ensure we get your structure back to that baseline. We will also follow up with additional testing to confirm that our remediation services were successful.

Contra Costa Water Damage Restoration

Since mold is secondary to moisture, it is important to keep your home dry and the humidity levels low. A leak or a flood External link opens in new tab or windowcan cause mold in as little as 24-48 hours.

We measure the moisture within your floor, ceiling and walls using specific meters for highly-accurate readings. Those readings help us determine the best methods for drying out your structure. If you suspect water contamination from a sewage backup or toilet overflow, our bacteria testing services will ensure your building stays safe.

The All Star Mold Testing Difference

All Star Mold Testing has the expert services you need to eliminate your mold problems. The other benefits of choosing our team include:

  • Local solutions: After working in the Bay Area for over 19 years, we know the specific issues residents have in their homes and businesses. We treat mold and water damage fast, so you can get back to your life and work.
  • Flexible appointment times: Your life runs on a schedule, and we have weekend and evening appointments to accomodate it.
  • Emergency services: If you live within an hour of our Walnut Creek location, we have emergency water and mold remediation services available.

When you need mold cleaning services in Contra Costa, don't wait — contact us today.